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Chapel and Chapel, House Clearance specialists in Westcliff on Sea, just minutes away from, Leigh are keen to provide our services in what is often perceived as a minefield industry.


Many people think that House Clearance involves a large cost for doing very little and with many I am sure that is what they have encountered.


Chapel and Chapel takes a fresh unique approach and with our huge showrooms in Westcliff we are retailers ourselves so actually pay you for the saleable items within the property and use this money to offset against the cost of removing any unsaleable waste from the house.


It is more often now the case that we are doing free house clearances and paying our clients rather than the more traditional approach of presenting them with a bill.


We can clear some, most or all of the contents and operate strictly within the guidelines and proceedures put in place by the Environmental Agency combatting the huge landfill issues we have in the UK by means of following the advice to RECYCLE - RECYCLE - RECYCLE.  


So if you have a property in Leigh on Sea that needs to be cleared then telephone us now for some free advice or call in for a chat.


We perform rubbish and waste clearances too so maybe you have a house full of waste, just a few items to clear, a loft to clear or a shed or outbuilding. We clear the waste rubbish at a cost compareable to that of the price of a skip but of course the work is done for you.


Leigh on Sea, one of the trendiest 'place to be' locations in Essex with it's Leigh Broadway Cafe culture and

stunning array of boutique shops has a fast moving exciting property market for both buying and letting. We are able to turn around a property for resale or relet within days (sometimes available the same day) so if you have a house clearance or a rubbish and waste clearance requirement in Leigh on Sea then please don't hesitate to call us for some free advice, email us some pictures for a quick quote or arrange for us to come around to the house to take a look.


We clear flats, houses, bungalows, shops, offices and commercial buildings.

House Clearance and Rubbish Clearance in Leigh on Sea


Leigh on Sea House Clearance


For information about how services in Leigh on Sea work or if you are looking to arrange a house clearance in Leigh On Sea please



"  I would just like to say thank you for the house clearance you performed at our home in Leigh On Sea. Your service was extremely professional and all your staff was very considerate during this rather stressful time. I will definatly recommend you to all my friends and family in the Leigh area.   "

                                                -  Helen , Leigh On Sea.    

House clearance Leigh On Sea

Marguerite Drive, Leigh on Sea House Clearance. This time our client was not selling the property but instead going through a full renovation and the interior of the property was completely cleared pending the iminent works after the House Clearance had been done.


Personal effects were put into storage for the client which we were able to both arrange and execute. There were only a few items of furniture that were going to be returned to the house after the renovation and these too were put into storage to be returned at a later date. Some other items were taken to the client's temporary property.


As you can see this was not just a straight forward house clearance with elements of a removal and storage too, all things that we are able to offer assistance with.


Leigh on Sea Parking is not easy to secure at the best of times and during this House Clearance we had to be considerate to the local residents, although the property boasts a driveway when we actually came to do the House Clearance the driveway was loaded with building materials.

living room of the house clearance in leigh on sea, essex

The living room was probably the only room during the house clearance that the furniture and effects were being transported to another property where the client would be living during the renovation, along with a bed and some smaller personal effects.


The furniture will be later sold on after the house is ready and has been re furnished to match the new styling. The term 'house clearance' was used for this job and indeed the client first contacted us asking if we did house clearances in Leigh on Sea but as you can see there are mmany more elements to the job.



kitchen at the house clearance property in leigh on sea

When we viewed the kitchen for the first time we are amazed to find that it was all to go during the House Clearance. Cabinets too. The appliances although only a few months old were not going to be integrated ionto the new design the clienthad for the kitchen so we were going to be purchasing them from the client. These being of course of great value went far to offset against clearance costs.


The clients wanted the kitchen cupboards removed too which we did as part of the house clearance. These are difficult items to sell on as they are tailored quite specifically to the size and shape of the kitchen.

spare bedroom furniture at house clearance in leigh on sea

As you can see the property was quite sparsely populated with furniture and effects that made the house clearance both quick and easy. The furniture was all nice and modern and functional so we aere able to find valuer in almost everything there (teddy bears too)


This house had already undergone a loft conversion and so the furniture upstairs due to the nature of the staircase setting had to be dismantled before it was removed then taken back to our store and reassembled. No doubt when it is resold it will be again dismantled then reassembled at it's new owners home.


Pine solid furniture is always a selling style for us and to find some in such lovely condition at a house clearance was pleasing.



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